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The fastest, most accurate range finders in golf, Leupold Rangefinders are sure to shave strokes off your game.  Leupold has redefined golf rangefinders with the simple principle of customizing them to meet the needs of the golfer’s game.  The science and technology behind the design work of the rangefinders is second to none.  The research and development team at Leupold has is the best in the business and the GX series of rangefinders is proof.

The latest in the incredible line of golf rangefinders is the GX-5i3.  It features a high performance DNA­® (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy™)  engine and advanced infrared laser.  What does that mean?  It means players get faster measurements and amazing accuracy.  The yardage is displayed to the nearest 1/10 of a yard.  WOW!

As in earlier Leupold models the GX-5i3 features the True Golf Range (TGR) which provides information based on the individual golfers hitting strength.  It also calculates the slope of the shot and current environmental conditions to automatically recommend the appropriate club for each shot.  This is enacted when users enter their personal distances for an 8 iron, 6 iron and 4 iron.  From there the GX-5i3 will recommend the club selection.  Absolutely amazing technology.

The GX-5i3 features an OLED display that delivers a bright display with easy to read numbers and letters.  It is powered by a CR2 lithium camera battery the also features a convenient batter power indicator so the golfer is never caught without a working rangefinder.

The GX-5i3 is also equipped with Fog Mode which allows the scope to be accurate in even foggy conditions.

All this is backed by Leupold Golf Ring Electronics Guarentee.  Leupold Rangefinders, Never Settle For Average!