From our studios in North Myrtle Beach we produce daily and weekly programming covering all aspects of golf. From local (Myrtle Beach) news and information to what’s happening on the professional and amateur tours you can get your golf fix delivered right to you favorite device.

George Honeycut has been hosting shows with the network since December 2012 when radio was our primary medium. George host GolfRap, a Monday morning update from the weekend of golf and The Round Table….an anything-golf-goes format where George and guests take on the hot topics of the week, as well as special edition shows like this one. George interviewing Brett Thomaswick about his nomination for Golf Professional of the year.


Brian Stefan hosts a variety of content on our network including special edition programming, the daily golf report, Fantasy golf TV, and the Daily Golf Report.

In this edition of the Myrtle Beach golf Report, Brian interviews shecaddie founder, Emily Christy.