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If you have never heard of Wesley Bryan, then you have missed out on one of the most exciting stories from the PGA Tour in recent years. This 26-year-old PGA Tour rookie rose to fame with his trick-shot excellence. In what has become commonplace in the 21st century, Bryan shot to fame with the help of YouTube. Along with his brother George, Bryan crafted some of the most incredible golf trick shot footage ever uploaded.

Going Through the Usual Channels

While their videos were watched millions of times, videos alone are not enough to get someone on the PGA Tour. Bryan had enjoyed a great collegiate career playing for the University of South Carolina. He was an All-American in college, but Bryan did little in the golf world other than make his YouTube videos in the first three years after graduation. He played on some mini-tours and did trick shot events to make spare cash.

This past July, Bryan decided to get serious about making it as a tournament golfer. He enrolled in the qualification school for the Tour. Once he entered Q-school, he became focused like a laser beam and began rapidly improving his game. In all three stages of Q-school, Bryan’s play improved drastically. He earned his card and began life on the Tour.

Having a Blast and Achieving Incredible Success

Once he earned his card, Bryan showed a flair for the tour. He documented his life on the tour extensively on social media, turning his YouTube followers into passengers on his wild ride through the 2016 season on the Tour. He has been a colorful character since he started playing professional tournaments. He is a fan favorite. He always has time to chat with fans and sign autographs.

Caddy Rotation

He used 12 different caddies in 13 events on the Tour. That may seem like a recipe for instability and poor results, but in fact it had the opposite effect. Bryan had incredible results on the Tour, winning three out of the 13 events he entered. With his third victory, Bryan earned a card for the PGA Tour.

It is hard to believe that a YouTube star can go from his couch to the PGA Tour in less than a year. It just goes to show how amazing the golf world is. It is a sport that rewards merit. The scoreboard is merciless. There are no coaches and scouts who determine who gets to play on the PGA Tour. The best golfers will rise to the top eventually, and this rise can be meteoric as it was in Bryan’s case. Currently ranked 118th in the world, it’s only a matter of time before he shoots up the board.  Next time you see a trick shot video on YouTube, you may just be watching the next PGA Tour sensation.