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A few weeks ago we announced the addition of veteran producer, actor, and director, Mitch Laurance to the TGD team. Mitch knocked it our of the park with his first show bringing in power-hitter and legendary golf broadcast commentator Ben Wright as his first guest.  We’ve seen the upcoming guest line-up Mitch is working on and can’t wait to release it to you. We’ll give you the news very soon.

This week Mitch brings on fellow hickory golf enthusiasts from Golf Getaways Magazine, Darin Bunch. There’s one thing we’ve noticed about these hickory enthusiasts, the word “hooked” on the name of Mitch’s show certainly describes the passion.

We were delighted to have Mitch Laurance come to the team…and to bring on programming about the history of golf is indeed a bonus. As with all TGD Radio programming Hooked on Hickories airs live and is then placed into the 24 / 7 loop and then into our extensive TGD Radio Podcast Library HERE. We haven’t settled on a regularly scheduled airing slot yet for Hooked On Hickories, offering flexibility for Mitch and his guests. But, we’ll keep you posted on new episodes.

You can listen to all the Hooked on Hickories programs by CLICKING HERE.

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