by Stuart Goldstein

Honna Golf is one of the most dominating golf brands in Asia and is now making a bigger push in North America with the release of several new products in the Tour World line. If the TW737P irons are any indication, Honma should be well set up for success.

The TW737P is the most forgiving iron of the new Tour World line up, designed for more distance and easy to hit, yet has many of the characteristics of a players’ iron.  A precision cast cavity back model, the TW737P is the only new TW model not forged. Not that it makes a difference as the feel is as solid and soft  as any forged club on the market today.

Using a proprietary heat- treated manufacturing process that strengthens the face below the surface to be as thin as possible to promote great feel and ball speed, the TW737P also incorporates a pocket cavity design throughout the set resulting in a low center of gravity which makes it easier to launch the ball in the air-and increased distance.  As with most new cavity backed cast irons on the market today, the TW737p’s lofts are bit on the strong side with the 7- iron coming in at 30 degrees. That being said, the 10 and 11 irons (PW and gap wedge) fill in the gaps beautifully on the short end of the set and are excellent scoring tools.

Despite the cavity back design, the TW737P’ produce a penetrating ball flight, partially due to the stronger lofts.  Turf interaction, in all conditions, is excellent.

Despite the cavity back design, the TW737P has a thin top line, minimal offset and a compact, yet not intimidating, profile.  In other words, the TW737P looks like a tour iron, feels like a tour iron yet has all the benefits of cavity back, game improvement club. And despite a cavity back design the simple graphics, TOUR WORLD and HONMA, are understated yet elegant and pleasing to the eye.

The standard steel shaft is the Nippon N.S PRO950GH which is a bit lighter than other steel shafts.  That is a good thing as most golfers could use a little extra swing speed and generally play a shaft that is too heavy for their game. Honma also has a proprietary graphite shaft line, Vizard, for those looking for a graphite alternative. The standard grip is a tacky, but not to tacky, Honma TW rubber grip.

The Honma TW737P is a clean looking, versatile club that can be played by golfers of all abilities and should be given serious consideration for those looking to improve their game. Standard set comes 4-pw and has a suggested retail price of $910.