Thanks to sponsor Grand Strand Vacations, and TGD Radio will broadcast from the 2013 World Am 19th Hole. With booth space in the 19th Hole secured and a plan in place, the TGD Radio broadcast team will be very active during the upcoming 2013 World Am.

“We hope to gather input from as many amateur players as possible during the event,” said executive producer, Jeff Gilder. “We think their feed back is critical in the on-going quest to grow the game of golf. Our platform of sharing the interviews live and on-demand will give an accurate account of what golfers want, need, and expect from the golf industry and markets like Myrtle Beach. exists for the sole purpose to promote amateur golf. Many thanks to Grand Strand Vacations for coming on board to sponsor our broadcast.”

If you missed the press release, marketing partner, Golfalyzer will also be on hand at the 19th Hole. Co-founders Chuck Stump and Brent Pauley will be there to demonstrate their new golf gift, a personal breathalyzer. Golfalyzer was developed to help social athletes know there tipping point and to be aware of their BAC (blood alcohol content) before driving home after the game.

The World Am will attract over 3000 golfers from over 25 countries to compete in the 30th annual event. The winner will be crowned World Amateur Champion, a much coveted title among amateur players. Learn more about the 2013 World Am tournament HERE.

Stay tuned more more breaking news coming in the next couple of weeks from We have some exciting things coming down that we can’t reveal just yet, but we’re sure you’ll approve. The growth of our listening audience on TGD Radio continues baffle (in a good way) us. So far we’re reaching over 144 countries with listeners from over 40 counties tuning in on daily basis. When we launched in late January this year, we had no idea we could create such a global audience in such a short time. Apparently the world approves of our new platform. We offer many thanks to all you supporters and especially our broadcast team of George Honeycutt, Shan Coughlin, Hugh Royer III, Mitch Laurance, Karen Nicoletti, and Kieth Stanzel.

So, if you’re in town for the 2013 World Am, be sure to look us up and say hello. We’ll put you on the air with our TGD Radio team and make you famous (…er). If you do not yet have a place to stay, be sure to give Grand Strand Vacations a call. They may have just what you are looking for. If you’re looking for the best deal on practice rounds, click the Platinum Card Banner on our site and take advantage of deep discounts oj your practice round expense.