Golfalyzer was developed by co-founders, Chuck Stump and Brent Pauley after a round of golf when the two were enjoying some adult beverages and Chuck noticed the relationship between his current BAC and his game. Many people never know how their buzz relates to an actual BAC reading…unless they have been in the presence of a law enforcement officer at the wrong time.
Although the primary use of the Golflayzer is to help golfers learn the zone (relative to BAC) in which their game yields positive results, it also identifies their tipping point….or the point when their game goes backwards. Perhaps the most significant benefit coming from golfers being aware of their BAC is knowing when they are beyond the point of driving home safely.
“Know it before you blow it, says it all,” states Golfalyzer’s Chuck Stump. “Driving without being aware of one’s BAC can be, at the very least expensive, and often tragic. We’ve learned that everyone has a different tipping point. Knowing one’s perfect swing number can not only help their game, but keep them safe after the game.”
The makers of Golfalyzer are rolling out the first phase of a comprehensive marketing program that involves golf events, selected charities, and online marketing. Details are forthcoming.
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