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Golfalyzer, an all-new personal breathalyzer and golf gift will support the Folds of Honor Foundation at the 2013 World Am 19th Hole. Recently Golflayzer announced a national campaign to donate to the Folds of Honor through purchases made from their website with the promo code “Patriot”.  This week they announced they will donate $5.00 from sale of each unit sold at their booth at the Worlds Largest 19th Hole in the Myrtle Beach Convention Center August 26-30.. The Folds of Honor Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting the families of America’s disabled and fallen heroes.

Golfalyzer was developed by a couple of golfing buddies to help golfers find that perfect (alcohol affected) zone in which they play the best golf. But, more importantly, to let them be aware of their BAC (blood alcohol content) before they get into the car to drive home. Co-founders Brent Pauley and Chuck Stump will be on hand at the 2013 World Amateur Handicap Championship 19th Hole to demonstrate their product and show their support for the Fold of Honor Foundation.

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