Last week we stuck our proverbial tow in the water with a new show idea, Golf Rednecks on We admit the lack of challenge in coming up with material for the show since we are blessed with a bevy of golf rednecks around the studios. But, we weren’t sure how well the show would be accepted among our very diversified listening audience from over 135 different countries.

We haven’t gotten a lot of “global” feedback, but we learned very quickly we have a lot of golf rednecks in the U.S. audience. Never has a show (on this network) gotten so much attention. George Honeycutt’s “Top Ten Reasons You May Be a Golf Redneck” has apparently lead several golfers to learn that they, too… are Golf Rednecks.

To listen to the pilot show of Golf Rednecks CLICK HERE or visit our On-Demand Podcast library HERE. We’ll keep you posted on plans for the new show and the schedule as we firm up details.