Although our golf radio programming on represents a fraction of our reach, it has become one of our most popular features. After all these decades, radio is till “cool”. But, TGD Radio is leading a new trend in internet talk radio. TGD Radio is produced and broadcast by the Zeus Radio Network. With thousands of talk shows behind them, Zeus Radio created an all-new platform for The Golf Director and golf talk radio.

All current TGD Radio programming consists of commercial free, content rich, and entertaining short segments to satisfy internet listeners. Traditional talk radio utilized on terrestrial and satellite radio stations is normally formatted with repetitive programming to accommodate listeners who tune in during a live show at different times. For an internet listener, that format is too long with too much fluff, too repetitive,  has too many advertisements, and far too boring to maintain attention and loyalty. They typically do not listen for extended periods of time and represent a growing  “pressed-for-time” audience representative of today’s busy lifestyles.

Beginning in January 2013 TGD Radio started with only one program airing live …once a week. We’ve added new programming each month an currently (as of this writing) will produce 10 to 12 new shows each week.  All TGD radio programming is aired live and recorded for replay and listen on-demand. Since much of our (TGD Radio) audience will listen on-demand, there is no need for fluff, no need to repeat subject matter, and no room to tolerate excessive advertising.

TGD Radio now reaches into over 130 countries and thousands of cities globally delivering hundreds of thousands of listening sessions to a growing audience. Radio is still cool, and TGD Radio delivers cool in a new package.

To listen to current programming, just click the “Listen Now” button on any page of our sites. To hear any of our previous programming visit  TGD Radio’s extensive podcast library by CLICKING HERE.

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