Golf Genius Software CEO Michael Zisman

Michael Zisman, CEO of Golf Genius joins host, Brian Stefan for this episode of TGD Product Showcase.

Today on this edition of TGD Product Showcase we have the opportunity to speak with Michael Zisman form Golf Genius.  Michael is the CEO and founder of this full service cloud-based software that is a complete tournament management system.  It is available to individuals and businesses alike and it manages all aspects of a golf event.

Golf Genius Software was founded in 2008.  It provides high end tournament management software to private country clubs and public golf courses to help organize and administer golf outings of any kind.  There is a wide selection of features to choose from when setting up an outing.  Live scoring, TV leaderboards, in-round updates and much, much more can be found when diving into the software.

Unlike most scoring apps available today, Golf Genius provides scoring ability for league play.  No matter how long the league lasts or how many rounds are included, the software provides up to date stats and information on league standings and for the day as well as for the entire league season.  This is very advantageous for the golf club running the tournament.  No more scoring!  Each player in the league is logged into the software, scores are kept on a smartphone in each foursome as the round is played.  As soon as the last group on the course puts in the score form there last hole played, the scoring is finished and all players know exactly where they finished.  It provides instant results!

The software also provides custom print materials.  Scorecards can be designed to fit the needs of the golf event.  Cart signs complete with logos, players names and tee times are available too.  Bag labels, locker tags, proximity markers, hole location sheets and more are all available to create and print for use in each golf event.  Anything that could possibly be needed to print out for a golf tournament or league night can be done in Golf Genius Software.  It is a complete scoring and management software.

Michael wanted us to point out a very important aspect of the software that he is proud of is the charitable aspect of the software.  With all the scorecards and scoreboards available along with the print materials, Golf Genius provides multiple sponsorship opportunities that non-profit organizations tied to golf events can use to raise monies for their charity.  This goes way beyond the traditional hole sponsor signs.  Golf Genius takes fundraising to a whole other level!

Our thanks to  Michael Zisman for talking with us today.  For more information visit the website  Golf Genius Software Less Work.  More Fun.  More Revenue.