Hooked on Hickories host, Mitch Laurance extended his line up of stellar guests with an appearance by the Golf Channel Morning Drive’s Charlie Rymer. Rymer, both delightful and engaging, covered a myriad of topics with the host, from his early beginnings in golf to the decision to walk away from his (then) dream in favor of being a better husband and father. This interview offers great insight into the challenges faced by touring pros. We get the perspective of just how good these guys have to be to compete. Rymer now refers to his job with the Golf Channel as a “dream” job.

The Golf Channel’s unique position in the television world offers an unmatched presentation of 24 / 7 golf coverage and employs a stellar cast of celebrity hosts from all aspects of the game. Rymer’s candor and spontaneous humor has made him a natural fit on The Morning Drive. The anchoring of  his “down-home” roots undoubtedly enables Charlie Rymer to relate to a wide variety of viewers. This writer was personally delighted to learn he and I share some “down-home” Tennessee roots when the discussion with host, Mitch Laurance somehow turned to Brunswick stew and squirrel dumplins with gravy. Oh yea, Charlie, I too was raised on such southern delicacies.

This engaging interview covers historical and current topics of the game including the pressures faced by rising stars like Jordan Spieth and even Rory McIlroy. Many golf enthusiasts may be guilty of unrealistic expectations for golf’s youngest stars. Rymer points out the pressures that come with (before) unimaginable sums of money, increased attention fro the press, and the schedule pressures brought on by sponsor and other necessary appearances. Combine those new pressures with the expectations for playing well and personal pressures and the young super stars are faced with a challenge that may require some time for adjustment. McIlroy may be the most recent example. Obviously some handle this better than others, but it does identify a valid observation of expectations.

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