Mitch Laurance  kicks off his new golf history radio show by interviewing former CBS golf commentator, Ben Wright on Hooked on Hickories. Mitch wastes no time letting folks know the weight of his new program by bringing out the big guns early. Hooked on Hickories will air live at 8:30 AM Tuesday July 9, 2013 on

As will all TGD programming, the new show will be placed into the 24 /7 loop immediately following the live airing and will also be placed into TGD’s extensive Radio  On-Demand podcast library HERE.

Ben Wright is legendary in the game of golf. His career covering the game  spanned more than five decades.

We’re looking forward to  hearing from Ben on the first airing of  the Hooked on Hickories golf history show on

CLICK HERE to listen to the complete Ben Wright  interview.