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“It wasn’t for the money, it wasn’t for the fame, but it was always for the love of the game,” are the beginning lyrics of the this awesome tune by the very talented, Billy Mac. This tune is aptly named “For the Love of the Game”. As with all the work performed by Billy Mac, he paints a vivid picture with his lyrics and music. Over the next few months, I’ll share with you more from Billy Mac’s amazing collection of golf inspired music. But because we  recently interviewed World Golf Hall of Famer, Hollis Stacy on Hooked on Hickories with Mitch Laurance, this song…”For the Love of the Game” is a perfect fit for this article.

“Broken down old Buicks, well-worn Chevrolets, anything that got us there in just a couple days. Cause it meant roadside food forever, sleeping when you can,  knowing that your Dad is  never going to understand, why you’ve got to, need to, have to, want to play this game so bad.” Just in those few words, those of us who may share the love of the game, but have never taken the steps to make those sacrifices, get a  clear picture of just how tough it was for those determined ladies who blazed trails in the early days for the love of the game and the ultimate advancement of the LPGA.

Three times the USGA Girls Junior Champion, three times the U.S. Open Champion, eighteen times a winner on the LPGA Tour, and now World Golf Hall of Fame inductee, Hollis Stacy epitomizes the challenge, sacrifice, persistence, and ultimate success  Billy Mac sings about. As Hooked on Hickories host, Mitch Laurance put it so well of Hollis Stacy’s impact, “One of the most remarkable careers in all of golf”.  Just think for a moment about the game then and now. Imagine for a moment the persistence necessary to rise to the top amid the obstacles, the challenges, and imagine how many  have given up on a dream.  Then try, only as you may, put yourselves in the shoes of someone like Hollis Stacy. Amazing! How else can one describe those who achieve their dreams in spite of seemingly impossible barriers.

To hear the entire interview with Hollis Stacy by Mitch Laurance, CLICK HERE and select from the Hooked on Hickories with Mitch Laurance podcast library. Be sure to listen the passion in the Lyrics of “For the Love of the Game”, by Billy Mac in the introduction.  To read Mitch’s article about this interview CLICK HERE.

To order CDs, book a Billy Mac performance, or get more information about Billy Mac and his music  go to httpss:// “For the Love of the Game is a bonus track on his “The Back 9” CD.