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FootGolf Comes to Meadowlands Golf Club from Zeus Digital Marketing on Vimeo.

FootGolf, an emerging new sport that combines soccer and golf has made its way to the Myrtle Beach Area. The early adopter…Jason Monahan and Meadowlands Golf Club. Monahan, head golf professional for Farmstead Golf Links and Meadowlands Golf Club is an avid soccer fan and coach. Before actually hearing about FootGolf, Monahan found himself envisioning a way to blend soccer and golf courses. When he began researching the idea, he discovered FootGolf and quickly began the process to bring the sport to Meadowlands Golf Club.

afgl_logoWith lots of help from Myrtle Beach’s competitive soccer team, the Myrtle Beach Mutiny, some youthful soccer players, and the American FootGolf League (AFGL), Monahan created an 18 hole soccer layout on the Meadowlands golf course. Some may find it surprising that such a feat can be accomplished without interfering with normal golf play, but the two actually blend quite well. As a matter of fact, it is possible for golf and FootGolf to be played simultaneously on the same hole. Such might be the case with an afternoon visit to the course by Mom, Dad, and kids both enjoying the sports they love and some valuable family companionship.

FootGolf players typically will begin from the forward tees and shoot for their own green and a 21 inch hole off the fairway in the rough. The FootGolf green is mowed to fairway height and contains the 12 inch deep hole with a flag. At Meadowlands, the front nine holes each contain two FootGolf holes, neither of which interfere in any way with normal golf play. Since the soccer shots are typically much shorter than golf shots, each golf hole easily accommodates two FootGolf holes.

FootGolf at Meadowlands begins with an exhibition Sunday June 15, 2014, and a Grand Opening on Saturday July 12, 2014. FootGolf tee times will be made available in the afternoons daily at the course. For those who choose to ride rather than walk, carts are an option, but due to the comparatively shorter shots in FootGolf, most will probably walk the course. In a time when the golf industry is looking for more ways to introduce youth to the game, FootGolf does just that while offering additional facilities utilization and income potential. Hats off to Jason Monahan and the Meadowlands Golf Club for being the Myrtle Beach area’s early adopter for this new sport.

To learn more about FootGolf coming to Myrtle Beach click HERE. To lean more about the American FootGolf League go to their website at httpss://