There’s a fair amount of talk lately about using the Platinum Card from East Coast Golf Management for Myrtle Beach golf discounts. The ZRN production crew wrote a nice article that we’ll link at the bottom of this one and my associate JG wrote another a few days ago on our Myrtle Beach blog site. We’ll provide that link as well at the end of this article.

It makes good sense that discount and membership type cards would see an increase in popularity these days. The economy has put a crimp in many of our lifestyles and we need a way to play “enough” golf.  So, I chose  “Enough Golf” as a focus for this article. Just what is enough golf…or how does one determine if he or she is playing “enough” golf? Fist and foremost, enough is the amount of golf that satisfies our desire to play. Enough for me might be less or more than your enough. Secondly, enough relates to the amount necessary to keep one’s game in tune. Once again, enough for me is probably more or less than enough for you.

For me, I’d like to play 2 to 3 times per week to feel like I’ve had enough. Unfortunately, time normally limits me to 1 and at times twice per week. But even at once per week, golf can easily become a $200 or even $400 dollar per month expense, and a habit not many can afford at that frequency. The game, as a whole, needs more folks affording to play. So, what’s the solution?

As the (above) referenced articles indicate, the Platinum Card from East Coast Golf Management can make playing enough golf possible for many people. The card is a membership card that costs $50 annually to purchase and includes 2 free rounds and a dozen balls. Not bad, huh? During the card term, members can get each 5th round free. Better yet, depending upon the participating course, the cost per round is only $30 or $40 year round.  That’s right. Even if the normal rate o $100 the membership rate applies. Even better yet, the guests can play for only a $5 increase over the membership rate, and as stated in the aforementioned articles, many courses allow guests to play for the membership rate.

So, let’s do some math. Not my strength, but even I can do this. The card costs $50 and I get 2 rounds free plus a dozen balls.  Even if I play 2 of the lesser expensive courses with normal rates of $50, I’ve played $100 worth of golf for $50 and get a dozen balls. I’ve already saved $50 and  paid for the card. I’m ahead on my budget. If I play 5 times per month at the same level of cost per round and average a savings of $20 per round (the average can be much higher on most courses), I’m saving $80 per month and get a free 5th round bringing the monthly savings to $120 per month or $1440 per year.  If the average cost per round is $90 for the courses I choose to play, that savings goes to $200 per month or $2400 per year. And folks, that’s before you count the savings for your guests.

The game of golf nationally needs for all of us to play enough. With such discounts from use of the Platinum Card for Myrtle Beach golf, we can all afford to play much more.  As promised earlier in the article, you can read more about  the Platinum Card HERE and HERE. To visit their site, just click the banner on any TGD page.