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Uncle Si Robertson of the hit reality TV series, Duck Dynasty  says, “Hey, people have made this game way too complicated.”  I knew Uncle Si deserved much more respect than he gets from the rest of the Robertson family. The man is full of knowledge and apparently has decided to share.

It seems Uncle Si was recently  introduced to the wonders YouTube while carving duck calls at Duck Commander and became interested in producing a series of instructional videos. According to Si, people need to be taught all kinds of stuff, and YouTube is a good platform for any kind of instructional video. The first instruction, in what is sure to become an extensive library, is Uncle Si’s golf tips. When Jase reminded Si, that he never played golf, Si replied with, “Hey, I don’t have to have wooden teeth to know about George Washington!”.  Makes sense to me, as it did to Jep Robertson, who took on the challenge of producing Uncle Si’s first video.

The production crew and Si went to the local driving range and pro shop to get started. Si acquired a stunning cap, a nice vest as outer wear for his camouflage tee shirt, and what looks like some plus 4 plaid knickers. According to Si, the first step in being a golf professional is to look the part. He says, “Hey, you can’t go out there looking like a buffoon!” Once again, I have to agree. Who wants to take golf instruction from a pro who looks…unprofessional.

As a self-proclaimed amateur golfer and professional golf instructor, Si says there are only four basic things to know to make it to the PGA Tour: Stance; Swing; Make yer long putts; and Don’t over do it. He is right on target with his observation of stance and swing. I agree totally with his instruction,  “If you want to hit it farther…swing harder.” When it comes to putting advice  Si seems to be tuned in completely when he explains, “If you make your long puts, you don’t need a short putt game.”  Hmmm, it’s making more sense the more I think about it. As for his advice to not over do it…bulls eye, Uncle Si. I think you’ve nailed it. I can’t believe you’re giving this advice for free. I know many instructors who get over $100.00 per hour and have not figured out your simplistic approach.

I can’t wait to get to the range to try out Si’s simple golf strategy. We’ve even added Si to our video golf tip library on TGD TV HERE. I made another observation from Si’s, golf tips video. He apparently taught Jase how to play the game. I remember the episode where Jase took Willie’s money on the course. As for Wille…in the words of our very own Hugh Royer III, “You can’t carve dead wood!” I’m looking forward to more from Uncle Si on golf and other important matters of life. Si, you da man! Willie should not take your expertise for granted. Hope to get you on TGDRadio’s Golf Rednecks show.