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Chippo Golf is the ultimate backyard game for golf lovers everywhere!  The brainchild of Matt Moss and Brendan McAuley, Chippo Golf combines the game of golf with bag toss or corn hole as it is most commonly known.  Recently named the the winner of the Best New Product Award 2018 at the PGA Merchandise Show, Chippo Golf is taking the leisure and recreation community by storm!  It is the new “must have” game for any tailgate party or neighborhood bar-b-que.

It is absolutely amazing how quickly Chippo Golf has become a favorite of both golfers and non-golfers alike.  Everyone that sees it loves it!  Chippo Golf has been featured on Barstool Sports, The Huffington Post, The Golf Channel, PGA.com and many more websites and publications.  The concept is so simple and brilliant that people can’t help but have fun playing and want to play it again and again.

There are three types of games that can be played on the Chippo board; Match Play, Cornhole-style Six Ball scoring.  Each game has its own set of rules and its own scoring system.  All three of easy to play and provide hours of fun and entertainment.  Matt and Brendan are sure that there are more games that can be created but these are the three that they came up with.

Match Play is played just like match play in golf.  Team 1 hits their 3 shots and adds up the score.  Team 2 then hits their shots and adds up the score.  The player with the most points wins that round or “hole”.  The winner is the first team to win more “holes” than there are left to play in a 9 or 18 hole match, just like in golf.  Six-ball is just like match play but with only 2 players instead of teams of two.

Cornhole style played just like the traditional game of cornhole.  Players take turns hitting their shots and the one with the most points scores the difference between the two scores.  Pick at total to play towards and it is game on!  This by far the most popular game to play on the Chippo boards.

To purchase a Chippo Golf board visit www.chippogolf.com and click on the “Shop” tab at the top of the page.  In addition to purchasing the item that will make future tailgates and backyard parties more awesome than ever, check out the cool Chippo merchandise that is available.  As Matt and Brendan say “JOIN THE HERD OF CHIPPOPOTAMUSES!”