Chase 54 is not your father’s golf apparel company but it will be once he tries one on!  What does that mean?  It means that Chase 54 and their amazing team of designers and manufacturers and in the pursuit of making the perfect golf shirt.  The technology and design work in the fabrics and materials used to make their one of a kind golf shirts push the the quality bar as high as they can.  Based in New York City and backed by 25+ years of experience in the garment business Chase 54 is a leader in the chase for perfection.

The golfer is the main focus as they design apparel for golfers.  The performance-enhancing technology is designed to keep golfers more comfortable.  The fabric is very breathable so it keeps the player cool and it is flexible to allow for maximum movement during the golf swing.  It is this combination of thought that goes into making every design and each piece of Chase 54 apparel that sets them apart.

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The STAY COLLAR is an outstanding piece to every Chase 54 golf shirt.  It is a a high-quality coated metal tab that slides into a special insert that runs to the tip of the collar keeping the collar looking neat and clean.  The collar stays can keep a golfer’s collar in line on and off the course.  This is an amazing feature in a shirt gives Chase 54 a sleek look during a day on the course or an evening out on the town.

We are very happy to have Chase 54 as the apparel sponsor of the Amateur Long Drive™ World Championships in Myrtle Beach and a great partner in the INetGolf family.  We are huge fans and unofficial spokes people for the brand and the quality of their products.

“All it takes to love their shirts is to put one on” Jeff Gilder, president of INetGolf,LLC.  “The feel of the material and they way tab keeps the collar looking straight and clean looking make me not want to wear any other golf shirt in my closet!”

For learn more about Chase 54 and its men’s and women’s clothing lines visit their website at or connect with them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @Chase54golf

Chase 54 – The Pursuit of Perfection