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Choosing the right golf ball is of the highest importance.  It can hugely affect a golfers ability to score on the golf course.  That is why Bridgestone Golf has developed the new Bridgestone Golf  BFit app.  The BFit app is very simple to use and the best part is it requires no additional hardware.  Simply use the camera on a smart phone that records at 240 frames per second.  The app is designed to analyze launch condition as well as performance preferences to give golfers the perfect golf ball fit.

The experts at Bridgestone Golf have put 10 years of ball fitting data into the app and designed it especially for golfers to use to gain the correct information needed to make a smart decision when choosing what golf ball to play.  Golfers simply need to download the free app and put in some personal information before starting.  From there, the app provides step by step instructions on what needs to be done.

Using the app does require someone to operate the phone and app while the golfer swings the club.  The only other thing needed is a calibration object like a driver or alignment stick.  The golfer now simply tee the ball up in the middle of the calibration object and as close to it as possible.  The person needs to stand 10 feet from the golfer and be ready to record the swing.  Now it is time to swing.

The cameraman needs to start the recording at the moment the golfer starts to swing and stop the recording right after the moment of impact.  From this point finding out the right golf ball for the golfers is as easy as following the instructions on the BFit app.  The step by step instructions guide the user through a series of markings on the video that highlight things like swing speed and launch angle.  It only takes a minute or two after recording the swing to go through the required steps.

Now that all the data has been recorded in the BFIt app the golfer is seconds away from finding out which Bridgestone golf ball that is perfectly matched to the golfers launch conditions and performance preferences.  Click on the recommendations page and see the recommendations and learn more about the product and find out how and where to make the purchase.  It is that simple!

Visit the Google Play store or Apple Store and download the BFit app for FREE today!