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Radio host, Brian Stefan launched his first episode of The GolfMonger show this week on TD Radio. Brian has hosted The Myrtle Beach Golf Guys on the local (Myrtle Beach) ESPN affiliate station for the past two years and does a series of golf podcasts for the SportsMonger News Blog. and TGD Radio are pleased to bring The GolfMonger Show to the line-up of regualar weekly shows. Brian’s new show will air live on Thursdays at 1 PM, will replay daily in the 24 / 7 TGD Radio loop, and will be archived for listen on-demand in the TGD Radio Podcast Library.

In his first episode, Stefan invited TGD Radio’s Shan Coughlin to co-host the launch. We’re not sure, but it seemed Stefan was making up with Shan for his (apparent) part in her recent golf injury. The athletic Coughlin came up lame after a recent golf match in which she played just ahead or behind Stefan (I’m not sure)…you’ll have to listen to get the details. The two then talked about the world golf rankings extensively. The time at the top for Adam Scott could be short-lived, if things go well for Henrik Stenson…and Matt Kuchar.  Coughlin seemed to think the possible fluctuation at the topwas good for the sport…we’re not sure what Stefan thought. Honestly, I produced the show and listened again later and I still don’t know where Stefan sits on this one. Could he be one of those fence-straddlers? Time will tell. They touched on Rory McElroy’s sudden announcement that ….he wasn’t ready for marriage. This announcement coming hours after wedding invitations were sent, deserved just a little more attention. You might expect Shan Coughlin and Jamie Ketola to “Tee Off” on this topic in the next episode of Golf Gossip. I’d be surprised if  they do not.

We’re looking forward to the future of The GolfMonger Show and we’re proud to add another new voice to TGD Radio. You can hear the forst episode of The Golf Monger show by CLICKING HERE. or browse the extensive TGD Radio Podcast Library HERE.