Book CoverYou sit down with a good book with your kids, hoping they will enjoy the time together and in the end, you pick up a new hobby and teach a lesson in a fun way.  Picture this:  A disgruntled golf range ball has the ambition and drive to leave his dead end job on the driving range to make it in big time golf as a tour ball.  Throughout this classic underdog story, Bogey is an ambassador, student, instructor and philanthropist.  He models overcoming life’s obstacles and learning important lessons along the way especially that anyone can be a success as long as they are truthful with themselves, and never give up.   This ball, full of hopes and dreams, quickly encounters the ugliness of bullying and how difficult it can be to endure.  He learns to lean on longtime friends, make new ones and ultimately forgive the bullies as he reinforces his own self-worth.

Written by Dottie Pepper and Scott Fuller, Bogey’s stories teach kids to aspire to do something meaningful with their lives.  Bogey’s Mission is to get kids playing golf, reading and having fun!  This is a unique way for kids and their families to be introduced to and bond through the game of golf as each volume promotes life lessons and values on and off the course. For example, Volume 1 teaches lessons about ambition and being truthful with ourselves.  The built-in autograph pages give this book a dual purpose.  The Tee Box is a discussion section at the end of the book for parents and instructors to start a dialogue with children. There is even a Glossary of Terms included to help teach and explain terms as well as a reference for people who are not familiar with the game of golf.

Proud to be associated with Bogey and Dottie and the incredibly well respected Advisory Board members that have already joined the efforts……i.e., Mary Bea Porter-King, Renee Powell and Brian Whitcomb, the  “Friends of Bogey” include the LPGA Foundation, The Folds of Honor Foundation, The First Tee of Hampton Roads and The New York State Golf Association Foundation.   Visit Bogey and our Pro Shop at  Other outlets include golf retailers, various local book stores and retailers, Amazon, and Through Bogey’s adventures, the use of the Bogey Mascot,and the Bogey brand, Dottie and her partners want to help restore, promote and grow the game of golf! A portion of the net sale proceeds will go to help various charitable organizations on a per project basis.