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We recently had the privilege to interview Bob Mauragus, President of National Golf Management and get his take on the game of golf globally, nationally, and locally (here in Myrtle Beach). When Burroughs and Chapin Golf Management and Myrtle Beach National Company merged in 2012 the creation, National Golf Management (NGM), became one of the largest golf management companies in the world. When Mauragas talks golf, everybody listens.

Here in Myrtle Beach, SC, the Golf Capital of the World, NGM controls a major share of the golf business. With the courses they own and/or manage (24 to date) along with their golf packaging (and accommodations) operations, combined with their online marketing capabilities, NGM is not only the elephant in the room…they’re that giant elephant-like golf powerhouse in the room.

Getting to hear the opinions of the guy who runs NGM  is something you don’t want to miss. Click HERE to listen to the entire Bob Maraugas interview and read the associated article.