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The Golf Director Community

The Golf Director (TGD) Community is well-featured golf social network. Golfers can connect to find playing partners, discuss, current golf news, events,  courses they have played, or plan to play, share photos, videos, and more. Membership is free and is as easy as  creating a login. All content including our Tournament Calendar is available to non-members as well. Throughout the TGD website you’ll find an extensive collection of blogs, articles, radio shows, video on-demand, and other types of content, but the Community is the core of the TGD nework. That is where we house our tournament calendar, featured course...

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Web TV

The Golf Director (TGD) Web TV brings you the best of on-demand video course reviews, hole by hole and shot by shot course breakdown, playing tips. as well as. local and national trending news. This, the newest of our platform features, rolled out in late June 2013. We have some exciting plans for TGD TV! We recently enlisted the talents of veteran director, producer, actor, broadcaster, and journalist, Mitch Laurance. Mitch has been involved in the making of golf related videography for many years and brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Have I said how excited we...

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24 / 7 Golf Talk Radio

The Golf Director(TGD) Radio broadcasts 24 / 7 Golf Talk Radio to an all golf global audience. With a platform that includes PGA news, Major Championship coverage, amateur golf news, charity tournament coverage,  interviews, situation comedy, course reviews, and course breakdowns, TGD Radio has something for everyone. We’re produced and broadcast by the Zeus Radio Network in their Myrtle Beach, SC studios. The TGD Radio platform was rolled out in early 2013 with only one show. We tired of playing it over and over and added another, then another, and another…well, you get the idea. We’re continually adding new programming...

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TGD Is On ((ZRN)) 24/7 Sports Talk

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